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Friday, September 30, 2005

Mommy's Shopping Buddy

Today Lucas and I went to a huge thrift sale with Lisa. It was huge and crazy but Lucas did really well in his Snugli Carrier. He slept most the time ( an hour and a half) and didn't get fussy until we were in line to pay. We also ran into Jill (who delivered him) and Holly (I watched her kids Jessica and Grant for about 4 or 5 years from high school until after I got married.) We didn't buy too much stuff but next year I'll know what to expect and maybe I can leave him with his Grandma and it will be a little easier to maneuver.

I spent $26 total and everything I bought was for Lucas. I got him a pair of colorful patchwork overalls, a brand new pair of Denim overalls, a pair of Baby Gap PJ's (that are super soft), a brand new security blanket, a brand New With Tags Ty Cuddle Teddy Blanket, a brand new Take Along Arch, and a Carters Playmat. Lucas loves his loot!


Lisa said...

Hey your LOOT was pretty good

Andrea said...

I don't know which Grandma you were talking about but, I have dibs next year