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Monday, November 14, 2005

Night Two of the Lindsay Method

Night Two... Sleeping Success! Tonight though when I went in to check on him he was laying across the crib width wise in the middle which was a few feet and a half turn from where he started out... but whatever works! Posted by Picasa

So after such positive results last night, not a single tear has been shed putting Lucas to bed (on my end at least.) I was able to get so much sleep last night. Each time he woke up for his night time feedings he would fall right back to sleep and wouldn't wake up when he was put in his crib. Today was also more laid back. When he was obviously tired instead of getting stressed out and frustrated that he was tired but wouldn't go to sleep I laid him down. He cried for about 15 minutes but he went to sleep! Why didn't I do this sooner?

I know why I didn't try this sooner. I thought he would cry for hours and hours before falling asleep. I didn't know it would just be a little while. I also had read how horrible the "cry it out/Lindsay" method was and all these horror stories about babies crying and throwing up. I was also worried that he would cry for hours and make his stuffy nose worse. Now I have the freedom of setting up a schedule for us instead of basing my days around "well Lucas usually takes a nap at this time" and having my whole day thrown off when he doesn't let himself fall asleep on his own. Now I know when he is tired I can lay him down and he'll cry for a few minutes but shortly he will fall asleep! I no longer have THE BABY THAT WILL NOT SLEEP!

I can't say enough about how great today was! Lucas and I got to spend more time playing. We have a new game where I kiss or tickle his belly and he laughs hysterically. It is the cutest thing ever! I have a happier more well rested kid, Lucas has a mom who is a little more sane, and Curt doesn't get his head bit off for asking innocently "is dinner ready?"

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TednLisa said...

Oh I am so happy for you and the whole family. It sounds great to be able to know you can rest too.