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Thursday, January 26, 2006

13 years ago

Matthew and Lucas on Thanksgiving Day. They are exactly 12 years and 6 months apart.

13 years ago today I was 11 years old and at St.Joseph's hospital in Lisa's hospital room while she was in labor. I was excited to become an aunt for the first time and meet my nephew. I remember being in the room with my mom, Ted, and Lisa's mom. At one point though they all left me there... alone... with Lisa... in labor. I have never been so scared in my life. There she was holding my hand squeezing it and crying out in pain. I remember saying "I would trade places with you if I could," because it seemed like the right thing to say. (I didn't know that in 12 years and 6 months I would be giving birth to Lisa's nephew and making her an aunt for the first time). Eventually everyone came back to the room and I passed out on the couch in the waiting room. I remember later on my Mom waking me up and telling me that Matthew was here. After seeing Matthew we all headed over to the Bejing house for a late lunch at the old Publix shopping center across from the Savannah mall.

It has been really cool watching Matthew grow up from a baby and tomorrow he will officially be a teenager! For the past 5 years for his birthday I've taken him out to lunch or dinner and a movie so we can bond. This year I hope to continue the tradition. We might not be able to go to a movie and we will probably have to go to a late dinner (after Lucas is asleep) but I look forward to celebrating his first year as a teenager with him. Happy Birthday Matthew! We love you very much! Thanks for being such a great cousin to Lucas. He just adores you!


Lindsay said...

You are such a Great Aunt, that was a really touching post!

Stacy said...

Yes, happy birthday, Matthew! I'm sure he'll enjoy wherever y'all go.