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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dear Lucas (64 weeks),

You started this week off with a little bit of a cold. You really didn't act any differently except for the fact that you took a few more naps during the day. You seem to be bouncing back quickly and now you just have the slightest runny nose. I kept you home from church, play group and the library reading because I don't want to be that mom who brings their sick child to things and makes everyone else sick.

To keep you from getting stir crazy from being locked in the house all week I took you with me to the grocery store to pick up things for dinner. We went down the "Halloween Aisle" just to luck at all the crazy things they were selling. Your eyes got so wide when you saw a giant pumpkin in the middle of the aisle. Every few seconds a white little ghost would pop out and you thought he was playing peek-a-boo with you and you were thrilled.

On the way to check out you started to get very excited and I followed your gaze to over to a giant display of balls. You started to say "ball, ball, ball" over and over again! We've thought a few times that you've been trying to say "ball" but today there was no denying it. I never knew grocery shopping could be so much fun.

You have gotten so funny with the way you eat certain things. A few weeks ago you would throw fits if you saw a banana on the counter and couldn't eat it right that minute. You would have eaten bananas for every meal if we would have let you and you would eat a whole banana in under 5 minutes. Now in order to get you to eat bananas we have to cut it into little circles. You've also gotten picker overall and sometimes won't eat other things that you would have eaten a few weeks ago. I'm not worried though since you are still a pretty good eater overall.

Now that you can climb over just about anything you are always trying to climb over the living room furniture and escape from "baby prison." The first place you always head when you break free is for Jadie's food and water bowls. Maybe since you are always sharing your food with Jadie you think she should share her food with you. Tonight you escaped towards the bathroom while I was getting ready to go to the gym. Your Dad came after you but I caught you first. You had this big devilish smile on your face and when I handed you over to him I told him "take the little inmate back to his prison."

Whenever you seem me putting my shoes on to go to the gym you always come over to "help." You love when anyone puts on their shoes because it means that someone is going outside. When I put on my sneakers you seem to know that means I am headed to the gym and you start saying "bye-bye mmmm bye-bye" You've been calling me "mama" more but usually you just call me "mmmm"

The thing that has made my week is that you learned how to kiss. You used to press your open mouth to our faces and just slime us with your slobber but now you make fish lips and aim your kisses at our cheeks and lips. I think you hugging and kissing and saying "mmmm" is the best part of being your "mmmm!"

Bugga, I love you to the moon and back,


Mrs. S said...

Awww! Have I said before that I love the weekly updates? 'Cause I really, REALLY do.

Also, I hope you got him the ball, because that was the most joyous/gleeful look I've possibly ever seen lol

K A R I said...

No I guess I am a bad mommy... I didn't get him a ball... but I will the next time we go back. Or at least when I go since he is sick it will cheer him up