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Thursday, October 26, 2006

So Wrong...

yet so right! Jadie modeling Lucas' Halloween Costume.

This year Lucas is going to be Tigger. Him being Tigger is partly because my mom already bought him the Tigger costume bib months ago (and I am cheap) and partly because I don't want to just go out and buy some overpriced costume. I want to be one of those mom's that makes homemade costumes. Since this year I couldn't think of anything creative added to the fact that I really can't sew I made his tail and ears (I spent under $2 on everything.) I am really proud of the tail. It is made out of black and orange felt and hot glue. The ears I tried to make out of a foam visor and didn't come out quite how I was hoping. That is okay because it isn't like Lucas won't rip off the ears the first chance he gets.


andrea said...

being creative just means trying.and let me tell great idea

Lindsay said...

That will be cute, good job!!!

Jadie especially looks impressed that she has been hired to model.

Mrs. S said...

Jadie looks so ticked off, which only serves to add to the cuteness of this picture!

I think you did a great job on the ears and tail, and I can't wait to see Lucas in his Tigger-y glory!

AND WaIT! Isn't halloween on TUESDAY!?!? When I'll be 41 weeks?! Crud. Zoe best hurry up!