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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Never a Dull Moment Around Here

At 7 AM this morning I was woken up by a very vocal naked 15 month old. Lucas was standing in the corner of his crib dancing naked. Not only was he diaperless but so was his baby doll (yes my little boy has been playing with a pink baby doll.) He got the doll last Christmas from my mom's friend and has never played with it before now. Lucas is going to meet Savannah, his newest baby cousin soon and she will be about 3 months old. Before she gets here I am trying to teach Lucas that he can't hit little babies in the head with random toys like he tries to do to Jadie. I guess so far so good. He loves to give his doll hugs and kisses and gently lay her down. I'm not sure how the doll made it in the crib but I do know the last time I saw her she HAD one of Lucas' out grown diapers on.

I found both diapers side by side in one corner of the crib. So either Lucas figured out how to take off the doll diaper first and then figured out his own diaper or vice versa. I found a big old puddle of pee on one area of his bed. I stripped his mattress and remade his crib and couldn't quit laughing while doing it. While I was finishing everything up he tries to climb back in his bed so I also had to lower the crib down one more notch since I figured it is only a matter of time before he tries to get out.

I don't know where he gets all of his energy from... He just does not stop going! Until this week we basically kept him confined to the living room and his bedroom next door. Now that he can climb over the ottoman that used to keep him corralled in we let him roam free. This morning he went in and woke up his Daddy by climbing all over him like a jungle gym. We constantly have to make sure he isn't putting things in or taking them out of the trash (Hmmm now I know why all my friends seem to keep their kitchen trash under the sink)
(click to watch Lucas NOT walk)
He has also started to take steps!!! He has walked to his daddy a few times today (about 5 steps) of course when I try to get a video he only wants to crawl. We tried holding out objects for him to grab (the same ones that worked five seconds before the camera came out) and enthusiastically cheering and none of it worked... until after I put the camera up. Silly baby! ;-) I know Lucas is a slow walker and he has done everything in his own time (some stuff "early" some stuff "late") and I've been fine with that. For some reason, however, now that I can see he can walk I am becoming obsessed with him walking and obsessed with not obsessing too much so that I'm not pressuring him. I know he will walk when HE is ready... but I'm ready NOW!
(Click to watch more NOT walking going on)

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Paige said...

Love the picture of the little curl on the side of his head! Precious! (thanks for visiting and commenting over at my place!)