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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dear Lucas (73 weeks),

Tonight while I was putting on your PJs I started to realize just how much you have changed in the last few months. You used to HATE to put clothes on (especially anything with sleeves) and would pull at the sleeves and cry like I was burning your body with acid. Now you do a happy dance when I pull out your PJs and help me put them on. When you are all dressed you always march out of your room proudly clapping for yourself. You give your Daddy a big hug and wave "bye bye" and then you are off to bed.

This afternoon you had your first bath with your Daddy. He always takes a shower in the afternoon when he gets home from work. You always take baths at night after a messy dinner. This afternoon he forgot to close the bathroom door aso you walked right in saying "Ba Ba" (which is Lucas for bath) and started to pull down your diaper. He sat you in the bottom of the tub and you just splashed and laughed until we made you get out. All night long you kept going up to your Daddy and said "Ba! Ba!" I'm guessing bathtime with Daddy will become a reaccuring thing.

You've started to notice the Christmas tree more and you are always trying to pull down presents. I know you don't realize exactly what the whole present thing is but I can't wait for Christmas to come to watch you rip open the presents and play with your new toys.

Christmas has helped you learn a few more of your animals. Your new favorite animal is a sheep and you know what a donkey is now. When you are playing with the nativity set I will ask you "where is the donkey? Where is the sheep? Where is the baby?" and you will point them all our correctly. For some reason you could care less about the cow. You still think all animals sound like dogs and you crack me up when you growl at the sheep. If we are reading a book with a sheep in it you will point to the picture and say "shhee" and sometimes get the sheep from the manger and press it up to the page.

Today you figured out how to blow the party favor for Katelin's party yesterday and you were quite pleased with yourself. You would blow on that thing until either you were laughing so hard you could no longer do it or you blew on it so hard and flew out of your mouth (which would send you into fits of laughter.) One time when the party favor went flying it hit Jadie and gave you the bright idea that it would be fun to chase her around making the purple paper tube hit her in the head. I was just happy you weren't hitting on the head with a hammer or a bat.

You had your first real tantrum this evening while I was trying to make dinner. You wanted something that wasn't safe for you to have and were mad when I wouldn't give it to you. Since life as a baby is so unfair you decided to make sure I knew it. You sat down on the ground and started throwing a fit and crying. I walked out of the room and sat down on the couch. You got quiet and followed me into the other room. When you stood in front of me you started throwing a fit again. I just looked at you and said "let me know when you are done" and ignored you. You stopped almost immediately and I felt like a real parent at that moment. I turned to your Dad and said "did you see that?" and he had no clue you were even "crying."

Lately it has been a tad of a struggle to get you to sit and eat. Ever since you decided that walking was so much cooler then crawling you always have to be on the go. Sitting in your high chair and eating really interfers in your plan of constantly getting into anything and everything. The solution is to give you something messy to eat with yogurt. You no longer like to eat messy food with your hands but now you need two spoons, one for each hand.

Since you use two spoons to eat with of course you can't just color with just one colored pencil. We have hidden all the crayons in the house since we still can't convince you they are NOT the fifth food group. You will color and draw with pens, pencils, and markers all without eating them. Give you a crayon and before I know it you have made your own baby grill out of wax.

Bugga, I love you to the moon and back!


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Lindsay said...

I am admitting that I scan before I read, so I am commenting on your pictures. Ben has the same PJ's ( too cute), love the "just out of the bath" look, and you should print and frame the picture of him looking in the mirror. I will read it soon and may comment again. LOL!