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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Santa Needs to Fire His Elves

We decided to let Lucas open his presents from us tonight so he would have a chance to play with them before Santa came and we went to two Grandparents' houses tomorrow. He quickly learned how to rip open paper and hand us each box and ask "op" (Lucas for Open) before he went on to the next present.

I'm not sure who was having more fun, Lucas or his Daddy.

"Hey! I thought those were my toys!"

Lucas and Daddy racing.

After Presents Lucas and Daddy gave Jadie a "Ba Ba" (Lucas for Bath)

After we tucked Lucas into bed, Curt and I started to put together his Toy kitchen from Santa. We pulled out every piece and the directions and realized that all 56 screws that are needed to put the thing together were missing. I guess the elves forgot to include them! Since it is Christmas eve all the stores are closed and there is nothing we can do. Both of us are disappointed but I decided to look on the bright side. At least it happened this year and not when he is older and would have been disappointed. Plus I know Christmas isn't about Santa or the presents.
(click to watch Lucas opening a present)

1 comment:

Tara said...

Wow!!! All 56 screws??? Thats amazing how such important parts can be left out!