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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Can You Hear Me Know?

Today was Lucas' first time back at physical therapy since the first head banging incident. This last week or so he has stopped banging his head except for every once in a while when he is made at us (for instance in the video I posted a few days ago of him crying. He head butts the Mr. Potato head he set in my lap.) Today at PT he tried it once on something soft but since he no longer gets a reaction like he did the first few times he did it he has moved on to hitting himself and his PT. (He's also hit us a few times at home when he gets frustrated.) The PT's solution to this is for him to go to speech therapy.
I thought ST was for kids who couldn't speak clearly or at all but it turns out that isn't the case. Basically, they think Lucas is really smart for his age and he gets frustrated that we don't understand him more. ST will teach him and me ways to communicate more effectively. One of the main focuses will be on sign language. I tried to teach Lucas a few signs months ago but he was never into it. Today his PT taught him the sign for "more" and so far he has used it twice with us at home. They are just going to combine his speech therapy and physical therapy into one appointment.


TednLisa said...

Looks like Lucas likes his FLOWER!!!! Sign Language how cool is that. I always wanted to teach the kids when they were little like Lucas or younger but you know how I get around to doing things.

Lini said...

Cool! I just started signing (again) with Hannah in the past two weeks. She picked up on 'more', 'cheese', and 'dog' in the first 2 days. I've read in several places that this is the perfect age to start, they pick up on it sooo quickly. I hope it enables you guys to communicate better. Good luck!

Tara said...

He looks like such a big guy sitting there! We did sign and sing with Sophie and I learned so much in that class! She enjoyed it to!

Ashlee 1 said...

Phillip watches baby einstine all the timeh andh theyh teach h signing. he knows so much that i had to start watching them with him to know what he was saying. sorry about the typing phillip is helping.