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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dear Lucas (79 weeks),

You are one SILLY kid. You keep us laughing everyday. You love to laugh and you love to make us laugh. You are always trying new ways to be silly and getting us to laugh (of course mostly this involves putting random things on your head.)
We started the day off by going to story time. This week you went and got the instruments and poppers for each song and went and put them back when the songs were over. It was so cool to watch you fully participate like a big boy. It is strange to think when we started going to story time you would just sit on my lap and maybe crawl around the room a little. Now you dance and participate and walk around the room wearing a basket on your head and trying to make other kids wear the basket on there head (I am not joking either!)
Not only did you participate with the songs you also pushed your way in front of the big kids so you could hog the librarians lap. Near the end of story time the librarian always sings songs about a clock and for each hour the clock strikes she lifts a kid up in the air like they were the hands of the clock. Today was your very first day of being tossed into the air and you loved it. You kept getting in line for more and you even pushed kids 2 or 3 times your size out of the way (the same ones that were knocking you down a few weeks ago!)
Lately you have started developing strange eating habits. You will only eat certain foods certain ways. You will only eat shredded cheese and even though a few months ago you were wolfing down whole bananas now you want them cut into little slices. Chicken must be skinless and boneless and cut up into little chunks too. No chicken nuggets or chicken tenders for you. Instead you want healthy grilled chicken. I thought toddlers were supposed to refuse to eat anything but nuggets and french fries.
Tonight at dinner I look over and notice that you are rubbing your chicken and pasta salad in your hair. I don't know why. I can't even guess at an explanation. I am telling you, you have this thing with putting random things on your head. I kept telling you to stop putting food in your hair and you would go back to eating and then the second I turned my head there would be more pasta in your hair. I just looked over at your Dad and said "I'm so not dealing with this, this is all you" and I finished eating and left you there for him to clean up.
I should have realized that his way of dealing with it would be to pick the pasta out of your hair and then use the remaining pasta residue to make a Mohawk.
Last night I put a temporary tattoo on your arm that we got from that book fair a few months back. I thought your Dad would think it was cool since he has a tattoo on his arm and lately you've been wanting to do everything he does. (You didn't even notice me putting the tattoo on and you can't even really see it because just like any other person you don't really spend a lot of time looking at your shoulder) Well, your Dad did not think it was cool. He told me he didn't want you wearing fake tattoos because it might make you want one when you are older.
You and Jadie are thick as thieves again. I think you have both come to some unspoken agreement. She lets you randomly hug her and you let her randomly lick your face. You also toss her random bites of your food when we aren't looking. (This includes handing her your blueberry waffle this morning and expecting her to just take one bite and give it back. Instead you went chasing after her until you rescued the poor waffle. I almost took it away from you on the count of Jadie had licked it but it didn't seem to bother you any and I was trying to get everything ready to leave for story time.) Shhh.... don't tell your Dad, he would probably flip out.
Bugga, I love you to the moon and back,


Lini said...

I love the food 'do!

Lindsay said...

They are always so happy when you let them get away with something, huh? He looks so thrilled that you are taking pictures of him while he is running around with a mohawk like a crazy person.