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Saturday, January 06, 2007


This morning when Lucas woke up I carried him in the living room, sat him on my lap, and gave him his sippy cup. I didn't want to show him his kitchen but wanted him to discover it on his own. After a few minutes of sitting on my lap he noticed the kitchen sitting in the corner of where his toys are usually kept. He kept looking back and forth from me to the kitchen. He looked like he was thinking "Where did that come from?" After checking it out for a few minutes he finally crawled down and walked over to it. He kept looking back at me like "Am I allowed to touch it?"
He was really digging it even before he realized it opened up!
He loves his new kitchen!
Since Lucas is a little peanut we had to give him a phonebook to stand on so he could reach his microwave.


Mrs. S said...

If possible, the phonebook actually makes the pictures CUTER! That is one great little kitchen you've got there - and even bigger than the one I've got in my apartment! ;)

Lindsay said...

I totally want this kitchen for the boys, but where would I put it?