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Monday, October 20, 2008

Toddlers and Cooking Spray are Not a Good Combo

Today has been quite a day.....

This morning I went to the bathroom and that whole minute or two alone Lucas decided it would be the perfect opportunity to snatch the cooking spray off the counter. Just as I was washing my hands I hear "psssssss." I open the door and see Lucas flying through the air. Turns out he was spraying a thick mist of canola oil on the kitchen floor. When he heard the bathroom door open he decided to make a run for it, slipped on the newly greased floor, and landed face up and ended up smacking his head. Instantly there are BIG tears. He sits on the couch while I attempt to de-slick the floor by mopping before giving up and just throwing a towel down. I finally get him calmed down by telling him we are going grocery shopping and we can pick out a pumpkin to carve while we are there.

On the ten minute ride to the grocery store Lucas falls asleep. I start getting a little worried because it is barely after 11 AM so I call my mom (a nurse) and ask her what I should look out for and she tells me. He is talking clearly and says he feels "all better" so we decide to go grocery shopping since we are already in the Kroger parking lot. Lucas helped me pick out a pumpkin. We ended up bringing home two because his choice was a mini pumpkin (and so his love for all things tiny continues.) and I wanted one that we can carve. Lucas has yet to feel the wonderful squish of pumpkin insides or tasted oven roasted pumpkin seeds and I've decided that this is the year for those experiences.Since I'm pretty sure we won't make it to any "real" pumpkin patches this year I end up plopping him up in the middle of the display in Kroger.

After picking out the pumpkins Lucas spent the rest of our grocery shopping trip in the front of the buggy resting his head on my chest. He feel asleep in the car on the way home and woke up easily when we pulled in our driveway. He played for a little bit, ate lunch, and then since he was acting "normal" I let him take a nap at his normal nap time. He woke up a little bit after Curt got home and he was still acting lethargic. Curt noticed he had a fever. I called my Mom again and she told me to call his Dr. The pediatrician told us to come in right away so we took him.
After a thorough checkup including a blood test it turns out his head just has a bump on it and he was acting lethargic because he was coming down with a virus. I've never been so happy to hear my kid was getting sick before! When we got home Lucas kept saying "I don't feel good, please make me feel better!" After putting on his PJs, tucking him into bed, and giving him a dose of bubble gum flavored medicine he went right to sleep.


Charity said...

I was looking forward to the "cooking spray" story!! Glad to hear Mom and baby survived! Tell Mr Lucas we hope he feels all better soon!!

The Wheelers said...

what a day....hope he feels better soon!

Kirsten said...

I think it's great that you put Lucas in the middle of the pumpkin display at Kroger! That picture cracked me up! I agree with Lucas, tiny pumpkins are the best. Anything that is tiny is mesmerizing. I'm not sure why. ???