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Monday, November 03, 2008

Conversation with a Friend

"Sorry, I didn't answer earlier. I was banning Curt to the bedroom. He got sent home from work for throwing up. Then I had to stick a poop covered Lucas in the bath. Lucas also had a mysterious bloody finger. Then all of a sudden Curt is yelling that our sheets on our bed have been sliced up and have drops of blood all over them. When I asked Lucas what happened he told me that he used a sword to cut our bed. So I go looking around our room for something sharp and I find a box cutter with a little dried blood on it and I don't even know where he got a box cutter from... nap time can't come soon enough!"


TednLisa said...

Oh my gosh! Sword on the bed, I know giggling about it is bad.

The Wheelers said...

Oh my goodness Kari. I may have killed Kai if she cut up my sheets...You must have the patience of a Saint!

K A R I™ said...

No I think I was just glad he didn't hack off a finger and he went STRAIGHT to bed as soon as he got out of the bath and he knew he was in trouble so he didn't try to talk me out of putting him to bed