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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween 2008

We woke up Halloween morning and Lucas and I started to make breakfast and the power went off... then the water went off. There was some kind of problem in our neighborhood and for some reason they had to be worked on at the same time! Since our power wasn't going to be on until 2PM and our water until 5PM Lucas and I headed to my sister's house to eat her food and enjoy her lights and heat. We ended up going to lunch with Lori and Tony at Moe's and it was there that I realized just hoe much Lucas LOVES candy.

While we were eating lunch someone sat a paper cup for a candy on the table. Lucas instantly asked for some but I told him he had to eat his lunch first. The kid was trying EVERYTHING he could to think of a way to get that candy. He even offered to switch me his lemonade for my cup (of candy) then a few minutes later he even tried saying "Trick-or-Treat!" Eventually he realized I wasn't going to budge and just ate some more of his lunch and was able to pick out a lollipop.

When we finally got home Lucas was too excited for Trick-or-Treating that he wouldn't take a nap. He could barely stand having to wait to put on his costume. When he finally got all dressed up we headed over to his friend's house and waited for it to get dark.
The kids were going CRAZY with anticipation. (So much so I threatened to sell him to some gypsies and stick him the in trunk, but I am pretty sure we both knew I didn't mean it.) Once we were finally out he returned to his well behaved self. Lucas had a BLAST!

When we were back in the car and headed home I asked him if he had fun and he said "yes, thank you mommy!" I'm glad I didn't sell him to the gypsies after all. On the way home I also asked if he would rather keep his candy or leave it out for the "Sugar Fairy" to come and magically turn his candy into a toy. To my surprise my candy loving kiddo said he wanted the Sugar Fairy to stop at our house.

When we got home Lucas picked out a few pieces of candy to keep (mostly gum) and left the rest for the sugar fairy. He woke us up this morning VERY excited that the Sugar Fairy had come and brought him a new train and belt.
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Kirsten said...

I've never heard of this "sugar fairy" concept. Interesting.

K A R I™ said...

I originally heard of it called "The Switch Witch" but wanted to avoid the witch term in case it scared Lucas. I think I read about it on a blog online this year.

The Wheelers said...

They just posted on southernmamas.com about the sugar fairy and also used the Great Pumpkin, which is what we did with Kai. Next year I'll do the only keep a few pieces vs. a bunch but Kai didn't get too much and a lot of it is mints from Patchville, for some reason she to a ton of peppermints???

K A R I™ said...

Becky, that is funny! I just went and left a comment saying that it worked for us!