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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Second Round Week 6

Starting Weight This Round 246.8
Last Week 239.8
This Week:
GAIN This week: 4 lbs
Lost This Round 3 lbs
Total Lost Since July 1st: 28
Who knew that the "not exercising and eating all the chocolate candy that I hid from Halloween" diet wouldn't work! While I am not surprised that I had a bad weigh-in I am still bummed. Since this really is the first really bad week I've had since I started 5 months ago I'm going to try and use this as motivation instead of beating myself up about it.
Next week will be better since all the chocolate is gone (obviously, because it ended up showing up on the scale!) I should have KNOWN I was playing with fire by hiding chocolate candy that only I knew about!


The Wheelers said...

don't beat yourself up girl...just use it as motivation. I'm so glad we no longer have chocolate candy left here either (because I ate it all too).

debevans said...

Found your blog from Southern Mamas website. I live on Wilmington and have 2 kids (19 months and 4 year old).

I had to give my husband all the Halloween candy in our house! I was off my diet for like almost 8 weeks and am trying to start it back up (so hard to do).