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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 08

Today has been a fabulous day and I can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas. It just seemed to have snuck up on us out of nowhere. Lucas and I started the morning off with a visit to the Westin to see the Gingerbread houses and giant Christmas trees.
Then we hopped on the ferry and went for a ride across the Savannah River. Lucas loved the loudness of the ferry (which I always hate) and seeing the tug boats and the bridge that we crossed over to get to the hotel.

When we were back on land I took Lucas' hand and pulled him into a candy store. I explained to him that we were in a store that sold nothing but candy and he could pick out any kind he liked. He stood perfectly still for a moment and looked at me like, "you are joking right, am I being punk'd? Where is Ashton?" I was finally able to convince him that yes, I was really going to let him pick out candy, and maybe even eat some. He picked out sourish gummy bears, (he is his father's son.)

As soon as we exited the store he sat down in a chair right outside the store and started eating his candy. I think he thought that if he waited to eat it then I might change my mind.

We walked around Riverstreet for a little bit and Lucas played in the sandbox before we got back on the ferry and headed for our car. When we got home Curt was already here (he only had to work a half day. We ate lunch and just hung out at home.
Both my guys ended up falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon so when it was time to go to a Christmas Eve service I ended up going solo. Originally, our church wasn't going to have a service because we didn't have a place to meet. (Sunday mornings we meet at a movie theater before the movies start playing.) At the last minute Amber and Doug offered to host a laid back Christmas eve service in their backyard and it was awesome! The weather was perfect and We sang Christmas carols and listened to our pastor read the Christmas story from the Bible.
When I got home Curt and Lucas were awake. I made Chili and cornbread and we ate dinner together. I got tired of Curt (not Lucas) begging to open presents so I gave in since we will be gone most of tomorrow anyway visiting family. Even Jadie got a present (a little stuffed sheep dog toy that Lucas picked out.)
Out of everything Lucas was most excited about his new hotwheels and track.
After Lucas played for a while with his new toys it was time for a bath and to put on his new PJs. (Everyone got new PJs as a gift this year. ) Then it was time for stories and bedtime so that Santa could come.

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