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Friday, December 12, 2008

Free to a Good Home

Yesterday I watched my friend's two boys while their Dad was in the hospital having knee surgery. Lucas was glad to have his friends over but was a little grumpy. When Curt called on his lunch break he told me that when he had gotten up for work at 5:30AM that morning he found Lucas laying on the couch watching MTV. He sent him back to bed but he had no clue how long he had been awake. Before the boys went home we ended up having to put Lucas down for a nap because he was so worn out.
After the boys got picked up I headed out to hang out with some friends and then afterwards I headed to Wal-mart to get some stuff for Curt's Birthday (He's 29 today.) I spent WAY to much time in Wal-mart and didn't get home until a little after midnight. When I pulled up I thought it was strange that the living room and kitchen lights were still on but I thought Curt must have forgotten to turn them off (which he does forget to do from time to time.)
Well, when I opened the front door I found out the reason the lights were on was because Lucas was up. He was standing in the middle of our living room surrounded by the cushions on the floor and engulfed by a sea of trains, train tracks, and Lego's. He was standing in the middle of everything with a big smile on his face in nothing but a diaper holding a hand full of shredded cheese. I asked him what on earth he was still doing awake. All he told me was "Daddy said I could sleep in your bed," which must be code for "I waited until Daddy fell asleep so I could get up and throw a party for one."
After I finally got him to bed (about 1AM) I was so tired that I forgot to safely put up all the cake making supplies that I had bought. I should have KNOWN that by doing so I was basically saying "Hey Lucas, see this stuff... you should TOTALLY get into it and make a mess."
Even though Lucas didn't go to bed until the wee hours in the morning it didn't stop him from getting up early. It also didn't stop him from spreading butterscotch chips from one end of the house to the other. The mess could have been MUCH worse though because he TRIED to open the vegetable oil and the canister of frosting but couldn't get the safety seal off either one. I do not want to even imagine what he would have done with a bottle of oil and a canister of frosting.


Parenting Boys said...

I'll take him! :D


The Wheelers said...

oh my goodness Kari....all I could do was chuckle (sorry)...have you tried putting up a gate in his doorway or do you think he'd just scale it anyways????

Kirsten said...

JJ and I had a good laugh at this! I love that he was watching MTV. We also liked that he was standing in his diaper with shredded cheese. Lucas is a hoot!

Lini said...

He's something else! I'd take him though :)