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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My Second Round Week 9

Starting Weight This Round 246.8
Last Week 240.4
This Week:

Loss This week: + 1.8
Lost This Round 4.6 lbs
Total Lost Since July 1st: 29.6
These last few weeks are starting to make me feel like a yo-yo. I guess I've hit my plateau. I am glad there are only a few weeks left in this round (ends Dec 30.) I am not giving up but I doubt that in the next few weeks that I'm going to get any sort of big weight loss (maybe that's not the right attitude to have, I don't know.) I am just trying to not beat myself up because I am not going to get discouraged. I am here for the long haul. However, I am looking forward to a fresh start when my third round starts.


Charity said...

Way to go girl.. I am so proud that you are sticking to it!

The Wheelers said...

I proud of you girl...just try and get through the holidays without any major gain and you'll be feeling great and ready to start the new year...that's my goal. With things so hectic it's hard to fit in exercise and I feel like I've been living off of m&m's lately...guess I shouldn't have bought that big bag for the Christmas candy bowl????