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Friday, February 27, 2009

Dear Lucas (43 Months),

It is crazy to think that you are now closer to being 4 years old than you are to being 3. You seem so grown up lately. There have been so many times that we've just sat and had this conversations about things and I will suddenly remember how we brought home this little baby from the hospital (okay HUGE baby) and how all you did was lay there and poop and cry sometimes, and now you are this pretty cool little guy. In a few months it is quite possible that you may be starting preschool and I will be going to work so I find myself trying to really appreciate and enjoy ever minute I get to spend with you.

One of the first things I did when we got our tax refund a few weeks ago was to buy a year pass to the Roundhouse Train Museum. You beg to go there all the time so I know it is well worth the money! Now we can zip over anytime the weather is nice and we want to do something fun. I really enjoy watching you get so excited about being around trains. I just wish you wouldn't throw a fit EVERY time we had to leave. You never want to go home and keep telling me it is okay if I go and let you live there. This week they started doing train rides and you were so excited to ride on a real train ride with real tickets that they punched. You said it was just like riding on the Polar Express to see Santa Claus.
Another thing that I actually enjoy doing now is going grocery shopping with you, at least for small trips. Up until a week ago I tried to avoid taking you grocery shopping at ALL costs. I'm like your Papa in that way, I quite like grocery shopping alone. Well, last week a brand new grocery store opened up close to our house and they have this little mini carts that you can push. So instead of crying "I don't want to go to the grocery store, I want to go home," you now love going shopping. I get to walk the the store hands free while you do all the work. You even like putting all the groceries on the conveyor belt when it is time to check out.

You are finally starting to get the whole potty training thing down. When you wake up in the morning you take off your pull up from the night before and put on your underwear. Then as long as we stay home you go potty with out any accident. However, if we leave the house you won't go to the bathroom while we are out. You don't want to wear pull ups out of the house either. Instead you want to wear your big boy undies and then don't want to stop anything you are doing to go potty. I know we'll get there.
Love you to the moon and back,

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