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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dear Lucas (44 Months and 2 days),

Time sure seems to be speeding up lately. I feel like I just wrote last months letter yesterday! Every morning you look so much older. You even sound grown up when you say things like "Mom, I have an idea of what we can do today," of course it usually involves wanting to go see your cousins, wanting to go camping, or wanting to go to the Roundhouse. If I tell you that we can not do any of those things or go to any of those places at the moment your response is always "Yes we can, just go get your keys then you can drive me!"
Speaking of trains, this week we experienced quite a crisis. You can out of your room saying, "Oh no Mommy! Something very bad happened." Turns out that the back wheel and axle of Thomas broke off. I tried my best to fix it but it wasn't happening and without the back wheel Thomas was too top heavy and would fall over. I don't know WHERE you got the idea from but you asked to bury Thomas in your sandbox, which is what you did. Every so often you bring up that Thomas is buried in your sandbox for good and that you REALLY need a new Thomas. Maybe I can put in a good word for you with the Easter bunny.
Since Thomas is out of the picture you've been playing with your trains less and started playing dress up again. You spent most of the weekend dressed up as Batman. You wanted to wear your Batman costume to church today and you threw the BIGGEST fit this morning when I wouldn't let you. Normally I don't care what you wear out of the house but your batman shirt had dried yogurt all over it. I do have some standards, you have to at least wear something clean! Then you wanted to just wear your cape and no shirt. Finally I tried to compromise with you and let you wear the top to your Superman costume but you spent the whole day wearing your jacket because "I don't like Superman, it's not batman."
We are still waiting to hear if you got into Pre-K or not. So far the only school we've heard from has been Bloomingdale Elementary, and they wait-listed you. I hate the waiting to find out but I know in the end it will all work out how it is supposed to in the end. If you get in I know you'll love school and really thrive. If you have to wait another year I know you'll be okay too. It's not like you are suffering from a lack of socialization or learning experiences.
Recently we've started hanging out with the "L Family" more. It is really fun to have a family that we are all friends with and can do things together. We're all planning on going camping together in May. You usually play with David and Gabe at least once a week and sometimes they go to church with us. It's cool seeing you make more friends and figure out how to resolve conflicts on your own. Priscilla and Sean have lovingly given you the nickname of "Train Nazi" because when trains are involved you think you are in charge and try to tell David and Gabe the "correct way" of playing with trains.
Love you to the moon and back,

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