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Monday, April 13, 2009

Why I HEART Our New Food Lion

A few people have emailed me asking me more about the new grocery store that I am always raving about. So I decided to make of list of all the reasons that I love our new Food Lion. I'm not alone in my love of this store either, Lucas thinks going is a BIG treat.

*It is 5 seconds from our house (it's on Dean Forest across from the entrance to Southbridge)
*Everyone is friendly and greets you with, "welcome to YOUR neighborhood Food Lion"
*The people in each department always point out the specials going on so you don't miss them
*They have kid sized carts that Lucas can push
*They have race car carts for when Lucas doesn't feel like walking
*They have free balloons
*They have 69 cent coffee (in the Bakery section)
*Clean bathrooms
*Not too Big and still has a decent selection
*Black & White pictures of local places around the store
*The sweet lady in the frozen foods section always gives Lucas a free banana Popsicle
*They had free Easter Bunny photos & free Easter egg cookies at Easter
*This past Saturday they gave a free loaf of bread to every customer that wanted it (it was going to expire the next day, but still good)
*They mark their meat and lunch meat down REALLY cheap several days before the expiration date. (We've gotten 1.5 lbs of fresh boneless skinless chicken breast for $0.87!) I always stock up and toss it in the freezer.
*Since they are always marking stuff down well before it expires they always have FRESH stuff on the shelf
*They donate OODLES of food twice a week to the 2nd Harvest Food Bank (they ask customers if they would like to donate a can or box of something that is on sale usually something around fifty cents and then 2nd Harvest comes and picks up the food)
*When you leave they always thank you for coming and tell you that they hope to see you soon.


Lini said...

I love the new Food Lion, too! One of the employees gave Hannah a half dozen roses once.... Another time we bought 30 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breasts because it was on marked down. It ended up averaging 80 cents per pound -- with nearly an entire week til the expiration date! And of course Han looooooves pushing her own little cart!

Charity said...

We stopped by there today.. Reagan loved the cart.. She talked about it all the way home.. She got her Popsicle and her balloon.. and I gave to the food bank very conveniently!.. It was very nice.. It was set up just like our food lion here.. which is pretty good.. but it was even better when it first opened up.. hopefully your Food Lion will stick with it..I thought I would see you there!!

K A R I™ said...

I was there today... I ran into Lini. HA HA