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Monday, May 11, 2009

First Camping Trip of the Year

This past weekend we took Lucas camping and let him bring along his friend David. Last time we camped here we stayed in a cabin but they were running a special for a free night of tent or RV camping Saturday night if you stayed Friday night. Plus my very sweet brother had recently gave us a tent that we were dying to try out. The thing is HUGE and I think there might have been more room inside the tent than in our cabin that we rented last time.
I really dig how laid back going camping always ends up being (well as long as you don't count the fighting that happens when you put up or take down a tent.) Everyone is so friendly at a campground and we had so many people stopping by our site to tell us what a lovely family we had and how sweet our boys were. I think that got Curtis thinking about MORE kids... which is freaking me out! When we got together we used to fight over how many kids we wanted to have. I always wanted two and he only wanted one. In the last year I've come over to his only one kid camp and now it seems like he is trying to switch sides.
We also brought Jadie along for the weekend. At first we were worried that she might be too yappy and bark at everything that moved or made a noise. She did really well though and even useful for keeping away ducks from stealing our food.
Jadie is an inside dog so all weekend we were trying to figure out if she was having fun or thinking to herself, "HELP! Take me home NOW! I have nature on my paws!"
The boys did a little bit of fishing and even took the paddle boat out but we spent the majority of the weekend in the pool. The water took a little getting used to at first because it was a little cool but it felt so good just to float around and swim. Lucas is such a little snuggle bug in the pool. Saturday evening he asked me to hold him for a little bit and he ended up falling asleep right there in the water.
Saturday night the campground had an ice cream social to raise money for KOA Kare Camps for children with cancer. The ice cream cones tasted so good on a warm evening. They also had hot coffee in the morning to raise money.
We had NO trouble getting the boys to bed at night. By the time it finally got dark they were begging to please go lay down. The instant they got quiet and laid still they were fast asleep.
Both mornings Lucas was the first one awake (7AM the first morning and 6AM Sunday.) He played a plastic harmonica until David would get up. I'm sure the tent next to us LOVED the wake up call.
By the time we got everything packed up and the kids loaded up Lucas was grumpy and tired. We had David back to his Mommy by 9AM Sunday morning.
After we dropped David off at his house, Curt suggested we go to breakfast for Mother's Day. While we waited for our food I was serenaded by Lucas. His song went something like this, "I don't love you Mommy. I don't love you. I'm going to hurt your feelings. You are going to cry. Cause I don't love you Mommy." When we got back in the car he passed out asleep before we even left the parking lot. When we got home we laid him in bed. He ended up waking up and crawling in my lap and going back to sleep.


Stacey said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, how did you keep from laughing at his song! It was a bit harsh but also you know its so not true! Yesterday Nicole told me that I stink and I'm creepy. We're so blessed. (but we really are) So what is the likelihood of another addition? Percent-wise?

K A R I™ said...

Well I am still on the pill so since it is 92-99.7% effective I guess 8-0.3% hee hee

Right now I am not changing MY mind on the number of kid thing. However, this may change in 2010 when we are out of debt and maybe purchasing a house.

Lini said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!