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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lucas is Wearing Diapers to his High School Graduation

I am so OVER this whole potty training thing. A few months ago Lucas was almost completely potty trained during the day. Then Curt had to have emergency surgery complete with two weeks with a catheter. The moment Lucas saw "Daddy's pee bag" he thought it was the coolest thing ever and if Daddy didn't have to use the potty neither was he.

Well flash forward to this Monday and Lucas decides he wants to wear undies again. I think spending all weekend with his friend David made him what to be a big kid too. Sounds great right?!? Well except now Lucas doesn't go to the potty when he needs to and when we tell him to go try he screams "my penis is all out of pee" and when we make him go anyway, he always has to go potty. If we believe him that hmmm maybe he might not have to go right now, it never fails he is peeing on himself 2 minutes later.

So while this was all a pain and we were going through 500 pairs of underwear a day I just started taking him to the bathroom every hour. He was always proud of himself when he went in the potty. I figured it might take a little of this before he gets used to recognizing the urges again. Fine whatever.

Then comes this afternoon when I went in his room and noticed Lucas had clothes everywhere. I called him in to help me pickup his dirty clothes and put them back in the hamper and put his dress clothes away. That's when I started noticing little piles of poop. When I asked Lucas about them he told me he doesn't like pooping on the potty and doesn't want to poop in his underwear so he poops on the floor instead. So he has been going in his room pulling down his undies and then just pooping and then hiding it.

I know potty training comes with accidents but I am so not cleaning poop and pee off the floor all day long. I am OVER it... we have tried EVERYTHING. And for those of you who may be out there reading this and thinking "What?!? He is almost 4 and not potty trained yet? My kid will not be that old and in diapers." You are welcome to come and potty train him and pass on all of your divine parenting wisdom. Just be careful not to jinx yourself because I have learned that it never fails when you say "my kid will never.... (insert your worst parenting nightmare here)" it always turns out that yes your kid will.


Charity said...

Oh honey! I am so sorry! I feel your frustration! I have never seen a teenager in diapers so I promise he will potty train.. I just can't say when.. I hope it's soon though or his Mommy is going to have a break down!! Big Hugs for you!!

The Wheelers said...

oh Kari I wish I had some grand wisdom/advice to help but I don't
:( all I can say is you are not alone....my nephew didn't fully potty train til' he was almost four...stubborn male ego!!!!!

angela said...

Well I wish I could say I feel your pain...but Hunter dosen't poop and hide it...He does still have his acidents..poop and pee...and he will be five this year but it is getting better. He dose the pee pee dance until he can not hold it any more...And I still have to tell him to stop what your doing and GO PEE...Good Luck..I wish I caould help more...Maybe it's a boy thing..Kaliegh never went through it...but you never know with Savannah,she looks up to Hunter so much I hope that his bathroom habits don't rub off on her.

angela said...

Try letting him sink the cherrios

MommyWise said...

My nephew did the same exact thing... for months he'd poop on the floor and refuse to go in the potty. So, my sister finally lost it and spanked the mess out of him (his first spanking) and told him that he was never ever to do it again. It worked... not that I'm really suggesting it... just know you aren't the only one.

Katie said...

I hear little boys are stubborn. My newphew isn't potty trained either, even though he can recognize when to go.

The only other advice I've heard from people is to make him clean up his own messes (poop, underwear, etc) and then maybe he'll think twice?

Stacey said...

Kari... I'd do the same thing you're doing. Just let him be in diapers. Then I'd probably search high and low for expert advice in the bookstores. Then I'd try any mom tricks that were available (sinking the cheerios sounds good!). Then I'd probably start bribing him. But all in the spirit of having given up. Makes it easier on you both if you're not expecting any results. Just give up and then it will happen!

Anonymous said...
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Kirsten said...

I know it's not easy to do so right now, but just think what AWESOME stories this experience will make in the future. You can always remind Lucas that he used to poop all over his room and hide it....like easter eggs.

Also, I thought it was hilarious that Lucas says "My penis is all out of pee!" How do you keep from laughing?

Kirsten said...

"My penis is all out of pee!"

How do you keep from laughing at this?