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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Romen Holiday

I just found out that our hotel has free computer access (YAY!) We are in Rome, GA for my Grandma's 60th College Reunion. We've only been here for a day but is has been such an eventful trip. I have tons to share but I don't want to hog the computer. So here are just a few things I've learned in the last 24 hours.

*If I volunteer to drive the entire night everyone will sleep the whole way here and then still fall asleep first when we reach the hotel.
*My Mom snores like an angry snorting bull about to charge and my Grandma snoring sounds like Chewbacca.
*Three hours after I finally fall asleep my Mom's cell phone will ring. She will go to the bathroom to talk "quietly" but it will amplify her voice.
*Potty training away from home SUCKS
*When venturing out of the hotel, if I bring one set of extra clothes in case of accidents... Luc will need 2.
*If I tell Lucas that we are going to spend the whole day at the pool then the pool will be closed and not opening until Monday, the day AFTER we leave
*After telling Luc about our pool day he will only want to bring one single hot wheel car to play with for when he is NOT swimming.
*Even when I show my kid the empty pool complete with worker painting it he will still think that the pool will be ready for swimming in 5 minutes
*If I decide to venture out alone at night to go pick up dinner in a town I don't know at all using a GPS, the GPS will die on the return trip (because my mom will have "hidden" the car charger)

We will head back for home tomorrow afternoon. I am sure it will be an adventure.

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