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Monday, July 27, 2009

Dear Lucas (4 years),

The first thing you said to me this morning was, "Mommy is three all done now? Am I really four?" Then the next thing you wanted to know was where your birthday cake was, I think you wanted birthday cake for breakfast. It took a few minutes to convince you that we would have birthday cake later when Daddy got home. We ended up going out for breakfast and then headed over to your Grandparents' house to go swimming, because that is what you said you wanted to do.
Four seems to have given you more bravery and confidence. You just jumped in the pool with no float and were swimming around with no goggles. You kept telling me "Mommy look I'm four!" It's been so neat watching you learn how to swim this summer, especially since it is another thing you basically taught yourself how to do.

Your cousins ended up coming over to swim with you and you were so over the moon excited. You look up to them so much and always remember what toys they have given you and which clothes of yours used to be theirs. I love that you live so close to most of your cousins because I never got to live in the same city as any of mine. When I was younger I used to dream about moving away from Savannah but now that you are hear I love that it is our home. I love that you were born in the same hospital I was born and that I can take you to places that I remember going as a kid. I also appreciate how blessed we are to have so much of our family so close.

A few weeks ago you and I got to go to Disney World together. It was so cool to get to see you so excited and happy. You are going to be starting school in about a month and I'm so glad we got to do something so special together like that. I know you are going to do awesome in school but it is going to be such a big change. I've been so thankful to get to stay home with you these last four years. I know I am going to probably cry on your first day of school but it will be because I am so proud of how much you've grown up already. I can't wait to take you school shopping and hear all about your first day of school and see you dressed in your uniform, wearing your backpack.
Silly Boo, I love you to the moon and back,

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