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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Downtown Disney

The first night we got to Orlando, we tucked Lucas and my Grandma into bed and headed to Publix to pick up groceries. (Don't worry, my Mom's friend Connie was with both of them) On our way back from the store we stopped by Downtown Disney to check it out. I had never been before and was told by quite a few people that we HAD to check it out. It was SO COOL and one on one time with my Mom is hard to come by. We did a quick walk through and then decided to try and bring everyone back the next day.

When we told Lucas about all the cool things he was going to see he got very excited. He too thought Downtown Disney was REALLY cool. There were plenty of places to take fun pictures and lots of neat shops and resturants. One of the coolest things had to be all the creatures made out of Legos (like the Dragon and giant Transformer.)

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Charity said...

Love it! Love that you and your Mom got a night out together.. That is special!