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Friday, July 03, 2009

School Dazed

Last night we were sitting down to dinner when a strange number called my phone. I almost didn't answer because we were eating and because I usually don't answer numbers I don't know. However, I did answer and was asked if my son had gotten in anywhere for Pre-K. He of course had been wait listed EVERYWHERE back in March. We had already accepted the fact that he would have to wait another year to go to school, and that was fine.

I was informed that Pooler Elementary had JUST been approved for a second Pre-k class and some of the kids in front of Lucas on the waiting list had declined their spots and she had made her way to Lucas name. If we wanted it, he now had a spot to go to school next year. I of course thanked her and accepted the spot. We ended up meeting the lady and got the paperwork to fill out and turn in on Monday.

Lucas is so excited and I am so excited for him, but I am also a little sad. I thought I was going to get another whole year at home with him and now that is not the case. In less than two months we will be dropping him off for his first day of school. I'm already tearing up just thinking about it! I am going to be a MESS on September 1st.

I am excited to take him shopping though. I always enjoyed back to school shopping when I was a kid. There is something so enjoyable about buying brand new #2 pencils and laying out new clothes for the first day of school.


TednLisa said...

I know you will be sad! He will really enjoy his school and I know he will make lots of new friends.

MommyWise said...

I always enjoyed the smell of all the new plastic things. I'd also spend hours organizing them.

The Wheelers said...

I'm sure he will do fine...you that's questionable??? hahaha, just joking...you'll do fine too just think of all the good things he'll learn and he'll LOVE it and now you'll get a little you time!

Charity said...

So excited for him! But I will be thinking about you, I think he will be just fine but I'm sure letting him go to all day preschool is going to be tough on you!!