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Saturday, September 05, 2009

I married Dr.Doolittle and I'm raising his son. For some reason unknown to me, my sweet husband decided that what Lucas needed to help him feel better about school was a hamster. He told Lucas that if he would go to school next week without any trouble that we would get him a hamster. Curt also promised that he and Lucas would do all the work with cleaning the cage and feeding the hamster.

We asked Lucas what he wanted to name the hamster and his first choice was Jadie (our dog's name.) His second choice was Lucas and he finally settled on Tinker Bell (since he is currently OBSESSED with Peter Pan.) Holding Tink for the first time he said "Awww you are so cute even with your creepy red eyes."
This morning when Lucas woke up he told us "I don't want to go to school next week, but PLEASE don't take my Hamster back."

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Lini said...

"Awww you are so cute even with your creepy red eyes."