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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Second Week of School

Lucas' second week of school ended on a much better note than his first week, and a large part of the reason for that is my Mom. Friday the PreK teachers invited Grandparents to come and eat lunch with the students. Lucas was so excited that his Grandma was coming to his school. He was also a little nervous that she might not show up so on the way to school we called her and he talked to her. Then he asked me every second on the way to school if she was REALLY coming. He actually jumped out of the car excited for school instead of having to be pryed out of the car with the help of several teachers.

My Mom also helped me feel a lot better about Lucas being in school because she took a bunch of pictures of him and he seems to be enjoying himself in all of them.

Lucas got to give his Grandma a tour of his class and showed him his seat and all the different centers.

She even stayed for recess, which Lucas has been telling me everyday that they NEVER get to go outside that all they do is eat lunch and nap, which I knew couldn't really be true.

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