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Friday, October 02, 2009

Conversations with a 4 Year Old

Lucas' friend David had a birthday party last night, so we were a little late getting home. In the car I started yawning and I had the following conversation with Lucas.

Me: "Man, I'm tired"
Lucas: "I'm not! I'm FREAKING MAD!"
Me: "What did you just say?"
Me: "We don't talk like that at our house" (thinking to myself, you SO GOT THAT FROM ME huh)
Lucas: "David said he was going to keep my happy meal toy forever and ever and ever"
Me: "Well what do you have in your hands?"
Lucas: "My toy"
Me: "So David doesn't have it so he can't keep it"
Lucas: "But if he got it he was going to keep it forever and ever and ever"
Me: "But he can't because he doesn't have it"
Lucas: "But he wanted to"

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