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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Lucas (4 years and 3 Months),

Now that you are in school, time seems to have sped up even faster. I didn't think that was even possible! You've been in school for two months now and we really have our whole routine down. I drop you off at school every morning and then a few days a week I pick you up and then when I am taking care of your Great Gram your Dad picks you up. Every day you come home with some new fact or song that you learned at school. Your excitement about learning new things is so great and I'm so thankful that we were able to send you to school this year.

At the beginning of the month we went out of town and picked you up from school early. When I walked in the classroom you didn't see me so I just watched you playing during your free play time for a couple of minutes. It was really neat for me anytime I get to observe you in your school environment. You just seem so grown up and independent there. As soon as you saw me you got excited and said "Hi Mom!" and ran over to me and gave me a big hug. You do the exact same thing every time I pick you up from school and it makes me feel on top of the world.
One day a few weeks ago you came home talking about how you had a "girlfriend" at school. When I got to go on your field trip to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend I got to meet her. The two of you were pretty much inseparable. You guys had to stand in line together and sit by each other at lunch and on the hay ride. I noticed her calling you "Lukey" a few times and that cracked me up!

It was so cool getting to go on your first real field trip. (A few weeks ago you guys walked down the street to the Fire Station, so if you want to be technical that was your first field trip... but I'm not counting it because you didn't ride on and bus, and because I wasn't there.) You were so excited to get to ride on the bus and it was so neat to see you interacting with all your classmates and to get called "Lucas' Mom" all day long. Now when I pick you up from school all your friends say, "Bye Lucas! Bye Lucas' Mom!" It is pretty awesome.
Your teachers are AMAZING. You can tell they really love their job and they especially love their students and you guys really love them back. This week your school had an after school dance for all the grades. You and a few of your classmates had a ball shaking your little booties and dancing with your teacher. I volunteered to help at the dance and it was only an hour long and I was exhausted! I don't know how your teachers do it. I am pretty that teachers must be undercover Super Heroes.

You've been begging to get a pumpkin to "starve" and make into a Jack-o-lantern. I've been meaning to get a pumpkin for a while but thought we had plenty of time. Then this week, I realized that Halloween is less than a week away so we stopped and got one.

On the way home from picking out the perfect pumpkin you talking a good game about how you were going to scoop out the pumpkin. Then you were going to give him circle eyes, a triangle nose, and a crescent mouth. When it got to the part of cleaning out the pumpkin guts you totally chickened out. You were having NONE of that! So I had to scoop out the pumpkin insides while you supervised. We were going to wash and cook the pumpkin seeds until our cat jumped up on the table and started chowing down. Turns out Babies the Cat LOVES fresh pumpkin, seeds and all!
Your pumpkin turned out just like you wanted him too look. Before we started carving you took a crayon and planned out exactly how you wanted him to look. Now every night before you go to bed you have to go outside and turn on your little light in the pumpkin before you go to bed.

This week we also went to your annual playgroup Halloween party. We've gone every year since 2006 when you were just one year old. Back then you were just barely learning how to stand up on your own. Since you are in school all day during the week we really don't get to see your playgroup pals that much anymore. It was so nice to catch up with them and reminisce about how young you all were when we had our first Halloween party. Halloween is going to be SO MUCH FUN this year.

Little boo, I love you to the moon and back,

Lucas' Mommy

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Three Dots... said...

So precious, I esp love the part about Luke's new girlfriend and the photo of her looking at him is so perfect...reading your posts and letters makes me so excited for when our little guys can start to find their voices. :) Thanks Kari.