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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear Lucas (5 Months and 4 days),

It's been such a busy crazy whirlwind of a month.

You experienced real loss for the first time in your life when your Great-Gram died. You've known about other people that have died and seen me be sad before but it never impacted you because you didn't really know them. The day your Great-Gram died Daddy picked you up early from school and told you what happened. It didn't click and you came in the house saying "Mom, Grandma died" like you would say "hey I had a great day at school." Then you looked around and said "Where is Great-Gram" and it was so hard telling you that she was the Grandma that died. After the funeral you asked me, "Mommy, please tell Jesus that I don't want to get old, die, and be buried all alone." When I picked you up from School after you returned from the funeral your teachers said you cried the entire day.

Thank goodness for Christmas. It has been a wonderful distraction for you. We made sure to fill the time with family traditions and new experiences to keep you busy. One of the things you love most about this time of the year is going to see all the Christmas lights. You kicked off the holiday season by going on a Trolley ride with Grandma to see lights. Then a few days later we took you to see the decorations that we have gone to see since your very first Christmas. Next year we should go a little earlier than we did this year. You feel asleep in the car on the way so you were SO GRUMPY when we got there and woke you up. You just wanted me to hold you, which is quite difficult now that you are four and a lot bigger than you used to be.

Another fun thing we did was go to the Westin to see the Gingerbread houses and Christmas trees. Then we hopped a ferry over to River Street and went to the candy store where I let you pick out one scoop of any candy you wanted. You picked gummy worms. We did this last year as well and I hope we keep this up as one of our Christmas traditions.

After seeing all the cool Gingerbread houses I was inspired and for the first time ever we decorated our own. You thought it was so much fun, but what is not to love about a giant bag full of icing, sprinkles, and tons of candy? I'm not sure what people do with Gingerbread houses after they are made. Ours sat in the fridge until I threw it away after Christmas.

On Christmas eve hung out at the house. We baked cookies and then opened up our new Christmas pajamas. Sometime in the middle of all the excitement your glasses broke. The arm just fell off. It was no big deal because you had a spare pair of glasses, so we didn't think anything of it. You put out a plate of cookies and a carrot for Santa and Rodolph, then you climbed in bed. We read a few stories about the first Christmas and then you were sound asleep. Christmas eve is always the EASIEST time to get you to go to bed and fall asleep. Before we went to bed we unscrewed all the light bulbs in the house so you couldn't see what Santa brought you unless you woke us up first. It worked like a charm.

Christmas morning we were woke up to "Mommy! Daddy! It's Christmas! I think Santa came but the lights don't work!" So we screwed the light bulbs in and watch you check out all your Santa loot and then we opened presents from each other. Then when you thought all was opened and unwrapped Daddy wheeled out one more present. You didn't even notice the Bike at first but when you did you got so excited. We spent the morning hanging out in our pajamas and watching you play with your new toys.

The afternoon of Christmas we loaded up the car with presents and headed over to Grandma and Grandpa O's to drop off their presents. Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa Hunters for dinner and more presents.

Then somehow in all the excitement from Christmas your spare pair of glasses broke. Daddy took them from you to fix them and somehow you thought that you would never be able to see again. You started crying and freaking out. Thank goodness for scotch tape. I was able to fix them temporarily and then after Christmas we got them fixed.

The Sunday afternoon after Christmas we spent at my Parents' house having one last Christmas celebration. It was so much fun to all get together and laugh and eat together and just be a family. You just adore your older cousins and were so excited to get to play with them long into the night. You are officially one of the "big boys" now because you think you are too cool to play with Joseph anymore. The poor kid looks up to you so much and right now you don't understand that he isn't trying to break your toys or cramp your style, he just wants to do what you do. Lately you've started asking for a brother. You told me everyone you know has a brother except you and you need one.... but you only want an older brother. I'm not sure how that is going to work out for you. However, we did find out just a few days ago that Joseph is going to be a big brother.

In just a few days you'll be going back to school. I am pretty sure it is going to be another adjustment since you've been with me for most of December. First we were in California for a week, than you were out of school for Great-Gram's funeral, and then your two weeks of Christmas break. I've loved having all this extra time with you but I have also come to appreciate your teachers at school so much more. Seriously, five days a week they spend six hours with 20 four year olds?!?! Your teachers really are amazing. You can tell that they love you so much. You get to do so many fun things. Your homework project this month was for us to help you make a Snowman.

Snuggle-buggle, I love you to the moon and back,
Your "Mutter"

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