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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear Lucas (4 years 7 months)

It is hard to believe that you are now closer to five than you are to four. Your school is already sending notes home about Kindergarten since in a few short months school will be out for the year. Right now you get to go to Pooler Elementary because of the Pre-k program there but next year you have to switch to your district school. There is a small chance you might get to still go to Pooler next year since the school board is redistricting right now. It would be great if you could stay at PES. You seem to really enjoy it there and they have such fun programs like the Georgia Day Parade around the school.

You are continuing to thrive in school. You've been coming home and asking us how to spell every word under the sun and constantly trying to sound out words on your own. A few weeks ago you came home from school with a medal for good behavior. You were so proud of that award that you wore it for several days straight. You only took it off at bedtime, because we made you.
A few weeks ago it actually snowed here, which you got you so excited. We just happened to have your friends David and Gabe over that night and as soon as the snow was sticking I took you guys outside to play. You guys had a snowball fight and it was so much fun to watch.
After you went to bed and they left for the night I went outside and scooped up a little bag of snow and stuck it in the freezer. The next morning you woke up and the first thing you did was look out the window to see if the snow was still there. It had already melted away and you were bummed about that so I pulled out the bag of snow I saved and we made your very first snowman. You thought it was the coolest thing ever.
We are pretty much moved into our house and you seem to really love your new room, especially your bed. Back in your toddler bed days, you would wake up in the middle of the night and crawl into our bed. Now that you are in a twin sized bed you sleep the whole night in your own bed. We both love that your bed is now big enough for me to climb in and cuddle with you while we read stories or just to talk about your day.
The other thing that we both REALLY love about our new house is the fantastic yard. You love playing in your "club house" and I love that you can go outside and play safely while I get stuff done indoors. The back of the house has so many great windows that I can see you no matter what room I am in doing stuff. Now that the weather is getting warmer you and your friends spend most of the time playing outside.
I love you to the moon and back,

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