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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dear Lucas (4 years 8 months),

It is hard to believe it is spring already and we have now been in our house for an entire month. It's so cool to have our own yard and watch our trees and bushes bloom and flower. Your school project this month was to make a hat that represents spring. We put a flower pot on top with flowers blooming our and a bunny hiding. We also decorated with gardening gloves and tools. You painted dirt all over the hat and I think it turned out really cute.
Friday was the very last day of school before Spring Break. So not only did you turn in your hat but you also got to have a class Easter Egg hunt right before school ended. There was an educational twist since each student had to collect twelve eggs exactly. Then when everyone collected their twelve eggs you were all allowed to go hunting for any eggs remaining. It was a mad scramble as twenty 4 and 5 year olds went running to find eggs and tear into candy.
I didn't realize how much you've gown since you started school until just the other day when I went to pick you up from school. You started running over to me and I just had to laugh. You were wearing capri pants that looked like a shorter version of the spare pants I sent at the beginning of the school year. Back in September the pants fit you perfectly, maybe even a little long. I hope your uniforms can make it through a few more months because I would hate to have to buy all new clothes for just a short bit of time, especially since next year you'll be wearing blue and grey instead of red. You got in to Coastal Empire Montessori Charter School for Kindergarten and we've decided to accept the spot. I hope we've made the right choice for you.
You've become quite Daddy's little helper. You love to help with anything that has to do with tools. Today you went with Daddy to Lowe's and got a little kit to make at home and I think you guys are going to start going to their Saturday kid workshops for a little Father/Son bonding time. I'm looking forward to the week ahead and our own bonding time because you are now officially on Spring Break. I can't wait to just hang out with you.
Luc-E, I love you to the moon and back.

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