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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Hate Badcock

This is a copy of an email I sent to the corporate office after all the problems we've had with getting our furniture delivered from Badcock:

My husband and I went to the Badcock in Pooler, GA on Feb 20, 2010 and spent about $5,000 on furniture to be delivered on March 1st. We just bought our first house and set up to have the furniture delivered after we moved in. We purchased a bedroom suit with mattress, living room set, and dining room set.

When it came time for delivery the guys showed up with just our bed frame and mattress. The mattress was slightly damaged and the delivery guys told us we could ask for a partial refund or a replacement. When I called the store and talked to the manager (Seth) all the rest of the furniture was sitting there so they said they would be back later that night. He also said he would give us a partial refund for the damaged mattress.

On the second trip they came with the rest of the bedroom furniture and damaged the headboard (which they took back with them) and only brought the end tables, coffee table, and TV stand. No couch and no kitchen table. So I called Seth again and he said he told them not to bring the couch and that he could have the furniture delivered in 2 days, I told him that wouldn't work so then he promised to have it delivered the following day.

On the 3rd trip the delivery guys brought half our couch and the dining room table but no chairs. At this point it was getting ridiculous. I called back and talked to Seth, the store manager and he told me the chairs would be delivered with the rest of the furniture to save delivery and I told him it wasn't our fault that they kept messing everything up that they could either fix it or come pick up the furniture and give us a $5,000 refund. The dining room chairs were here in 2 hours.

It is now March 20th and we still don't have the rest of our sectional or our headboard that was damaged and no partial refund for the damaged mattress. Our salesmen is the only one that has been trying to make sure we are still taken care of. He called today to let us know what was going on with the couch and when I asked about the headboard he said it showed as delivered and was never reordered even though the store manager promised to do so.

Our sales man says that our furniture SHOULD be in this following week and delivered on Friday but at this point I have no faith in Badcock. It should not take 5 deliveries to get our furniture. I should not have to call the store manager over and over. He could care less about making this right. The only person at Badcock that has been good to us is our salesman Matthew

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