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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Dear Lucas (4 years 9 Months and a few days)

It is so hard for me to believe that your first year of school is almost over and even harder to believe that you are almost five. Time seems to be on fast forward lately. I am looking forward to the lazy days of summer when we get to go on mini adventures again.
Your friends David and Gabriel still spend quite a bit of time with us and if you go a day or two without them you seem to go through withdraws. Then when you guys are all together you guys fight and argue. I guess they are more like your family now then just friends. Next year the three of you will be going to the same school and probably riding the bus together. I hope you boys stay friends for many years to come. The only thing I hated about growing up as an Army brat is that I didn't get the chance to grow up with kids I knew from the sandbox years.
Our new house is right around the corner from Lowe's and it is becoming one of your favorite places to spend a Saturday morning. They have free projects for kids and it is right up your alley. You love working with your hands and building things.
One other activity that you are really loving right now is Tee ball. I am so thankful that we signed you up. I might be biased but you are pretty good at it too. You can hit the ball pretty far and you have quite an arm on you. It is really teaching you how to be a good sport and teamwork. Plus it is so darn cute to watch. In the middle of your first game an airplane flew overhead while you guys are on the field and half your team is looking up at the sky going "ooooh look, an airplane"
We just got back from your third trip to California and your first time seeing the Pacific Ocean. The first thing you did when you hit the beach was ask me for your swim clothes. You were a little shocked when you felt how cold the water was and when I told you that the water there NEVER gets warm, the expression on your face was priceless. The cold didn't keep your feet out of the water and when we finally left they were BRIGHT red from the cold water.

While we were in California, we stayed in this awesome rental house with a ton of our family. I think I heard there were twenty five adults and 9 kids staying on the property. That wasn't counting everyone that came and just didn't sleep there. You had a ball playing with your cousins and it really made me wish that there was a way to move Georgia and California closer to each other. You are already planning our next trip back, and this time you are insisting that your Daddy HAS TO GO. I couldn't agree more.
Luc, I love you more than hammer head sharks,

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