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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"I've got Germies in my Body"

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Lucas' school nurse. He had woken up from nap time crying and saying his ear hurt. He was taken to the nurse. Ha had a 101 fever so I had to go pick up my sick little guy. I called his pediatrician and got him an appointment for 5pm.
We got there fifteen til and the waiting room was PACKED. Lucas has never been to a "sick kid visit" so he was THRILLED to finally get to go to the "sick kid waiting room" where the train table has always been. He ran up to the table but there was not even a single train in sight and you couldn't even more the train tracks around. It was a total let down for him. After that every five seconds he asked "is it my turn YET." (He is his father's son!) While we waited I talked to another kid's mom and she told me that most of the kids seemed to be either here for an ear ache or for strep throat. I was thankful we fit in the first category.

When we finally got called back an hour later the nurse that weighed him (36 lbs) was so thrilled to see him. She remembered him from his monthly weight check days of his babyhood. (So glad THOSE are over) She couldn't believe how much he had grown or how light colored and curly his hair had gotten. She kept telling him "I remember you when you were just a tiny little peanut"

They ended up drawing some blood and "tickling his throat" and Lucas was a champ through everything. His temp was 100 at this point. I figured there had to be something "wrong" since we were NOT in the pinocchio room, yes the superstition continues. (I wonder what will happen to my silly superstition when they change offices in June?) Well it turned out we were there for Strep throat and NOT an ear ache.

So we left with a prescription for antibiotics (his first one) and I dropped it off on the way to taking him home all the while making the "my kid has step and may have infected your kid" call of shame. Figures he would test positive for Strep the day after going to church, stopping by his grandparents, going to a birthday party, and having his two best friends over to our house.

When I went back to CVS get his RX they told me that the insurance was being difficult about them filling it and needed a Doctors authorization and of course the office was closed. I started praying and the pharmacist tried calling the insurance company again and she was able to find a loop hole. They told her that she could give him a 3 day supply of his medicine ($93.00 for a generic antibiotic) but since you can't really mix up 3 days she gave us the whole 10 day supply we needed.

I rushed home with Lucas' medicine and found him fast asleep. It took us about 5 minutes for Curt and I to get him awake enough to take his medicine and I still don't think he ever woke up. He kept saying "I just want to go home!" and then he laid down and went right back to sleep.

This morning, Lucas woke me up saying "Mommy, did you get my medicine? When are you going to give me my medicine?" He had no memory of taking it the night before! Antibiotics are a wonderful thing! He woke up with no fever and with TONS of energy. He was so excited to just have a day home from school and get to play with his toys and watch cartoons. I guess those days are few and far between since he goes to school all week, has tee ball on Saturday, and Church on Sunday. He gets to go back to school tomorrow.

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