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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Regarding Zombies, God, and Jack Frost

We have the strangest random conversations in the car!

Lucas: "Mom, is my dead Grandma a Zombie?"
Me: "No! There is no such thing as zombies. They are pretend"
Lucas: "Then what happens to people under the ground?"
Me: "Nothing. They just go to heaven and get perfect bodies and live in heaven with God"
Lucas: "Heaven is way far up above the clouds and God lives next to Mr.Freeze"
Me: "Who's Mr.Freeze?
Lucas: "He makes winter
Me: "Are you talking about Jack Frost?"
Lucas: "Yeah, that's him... Jack Frost. He lives in the sky next to God."
Me: "Jack Frost is just pretend too."
Lucas: "No he's not Mom. Who do you think makes the snow?"
Me: "Well, God makes the snow"
Lucas: "No Mom. God makes the rain, and Jack Frost makes the snow. I saw it one time on Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer"


TednLisa said...


TednLisa said...

I wonder if Lucas has seen these guys. I don't like Heat Miser.


Charity said...

Man, do we confuse these kids or what?!! Haha !

Charity said...

Man, do we confuse these kids or what?!! :))