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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

eye HATE Envision Eye Care

I am posting a letter I sent to my bank disputing a charge with Envision Eye Care in Savannah, GA. We just found out that our bank is denying the dispute since it was a "face to face transaction." I don't know why it took so long for them to decide that but I am more than annoyed. So I am posting it here to vent and make myself feel a tiny bit better.
On Wednesday May 12, 2010 I took my son, Lucas to Envision to pick out new glasses. They were a new prescription and the whole reason I went to Envision is that they accepted our insurance. My son gets one pair a year on his insurance and we found out that he was not yet eligible for his free pair for this year yet. I decided to just pay out of pocket and BEFORE paying I asked when the glasses would be ready because my son is EXTREMELY near sighted and cannot see without his glasses. I was told that the glasses would be back within three days at the longest, so I went ahead and paid for the glasses. They were $129.00

On Saturday May 15th I called as soon as Envision opened. I didn't get an answer so I left a message saying that I was calling to see if my son's glasses were ready. I did not get a response and called back thirty minutes later. This time someone answered and I talked to Lisa. She asked me to hold on while she looked up the status of my son's glasses. I was told that the earliest that the glasses would be ready was May 27th. I told her that when I paid for the glasses I was told they would be ready in three days. She said that there was nothing she could do that because his prescription was so strong they had to send them out. They never called and told me that the date had been changed. Also, if I had been told when I purchased the glasses that they could take at least two weeks I never would have never paid for the glasses, I would have went somewhere else. Lisa apologized and the call ended.

I was very upset and immediately started calling other eye glass places to see if they could make my son's glasses quickly. He is in school and has to have glasses to see. I finally found somewhere that could make his glasses in an hour. I called Envision (for the THIRD time) that day and told them that I wanted to cancel my order since they were not delivering my son's glasses in the time frame that we were promised. Again they looked up the status of the glasses and said they were showing that they would be ready on May 27th at the earliest. They said they understood why I wanted to cancel.

We went to LensCrafters and purchased my sons glasses and they were ready in less than an hour. We paid $169.97 which was $40 more, but I didn't mind paying at this point because my son needed his glasses and he had been without them for several days and I was getting the other glasses refunded.

Just as we were walking out of LensCrafters I got a call from Envision telling us that they would not refund our money after all and that the glasses *might* be ready on Monday May 17th. When I explained again that the reason I wanted a refund was that the glasses were not going to be ready like promised they still said they would not issue a refund. When I told them that was unacceptable because 1)the glasses were not ready as promised and 2)we were told that a refund was not a problem and 3)I already purchased another pair of glasses I was told that "well it is always good to have two pair of glasses. We argued back and forth for several minutes and the lady told me that nobody would have told me at Envision that I would get a refund. I asked the lady why then would I go and buy more expensive glasses if I hadn't been told that a refund would be no problem. It just does not make sense. We could not come to an agreement on the phone so I informed Envision that I would be disputing the charge with my bank. I immediately called to dispute the charges.

Also, I called on Monday 17th to see if the glasses where in like I was told on the phone that they *might* be ready. They were not. I did get a call on Tuesday May 18th saying the glasses were finally ready. Again I told them that I wanted a refund and that I did not want the glasses. I honestly believe that after I asked for a refund (and was originally told that it would be okay) that they put a rush on the glasses.

If the glasses had been ready as promised this whole dispute would have been avoided.

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