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Saturday, August 21, 2010

He Sure is Super

If Lucas is at home then he is in a Super Hero costume... and sometimes when we are out and about he is still wearing a super hero costume. (Although if you refer to him as wearing a costume he will correct you and say "I am the real Batman" or "I am the real Captain America") I guess Super Heroes are the new "Thomas the Tank Engine."
In a week Lucas will start school and have to start wearing a uniform again so to avoid any issue with that we sat down with him and had a talk. When we reminded him about his school uniforms he looked at us and said, "that's okay Mom, you can just keep it in your purse and that way when I need to fight a villain I'll have it ready" He has also started referring to his Dad as being his butler.... I guess if Batman has Alfred he figures he has his Dad.

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