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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dear Lucas (5 years 2 months)

After a few technical difficulties (meaning my laptop died last week and now your Dad and I are sharing a computer) I am finally able to sit down and write to you. It is finally starting to turn cooler and I absolutely love this time of year. It's so much fun being a Mom around fall. You are excited about Halloween (and no for the 5th time today it is NOT next week) You want to be Knight in shining armor... which really surprised me because of your current obsession with Super Heroes. Then again, you dress like a super hero every day so I guess being a Knight will be exciting because it is something new. Thank goodness the Dollar store is selling plastic knight armor. I have your costume put up in mt closet. Without fail if you wake up before me you sneak and get it out. Then when I wake up, you always make a sad puppy dog face and say, "Mommy, pwease foegive me"

It's nice to be in a set schedule again. Most mornings you ride the bus to school and we always leave the house about 8:00am and walk to the end of the street. Some mornings you will ask me to drive you and I usually give in and secretly I love taking you. You always ride the bus home though and you get off running towards me with a big smile. Well, unless you got in trouble at school, then you get off the bus slowly and looking down at the ground, but luckily those days are few and far between. You seem to REALLY love kindergarten and you are learning so much. Your teacher has recommended you for speech therapy because you don't say your "L" and "R" the right way yet. I guess by now you should be able to say them clearly, but you are the youngest one in your class.
When you get home, the first thing you do is sit down and do your homework. On Mondays you come home with a couple worksheets. Usually they are just practice for writing a letter or number. They aren't due until Friday. Sometimes you do them all at once, sometimes you do one a day, it just depends on your mood. Your handwriting is getting so neat so fast and you are teaching me all these tricks for writing letters... (like j has a "money tail")

One of the reasons you are so well behaved at school is because you know if you aren't then you won't get to go to Lowe's on Saturdays. Man whoever thought of the free kid clinics is a genius. Talk about brand loyalty. Anytime you see a sign or Logo for Lowe's you get so excited. I love watching you and your Dad build things together.

You are so inquisitive right now. You want to know how things work and how words are spelled. You even want to know what would happen in the strangest of situations. Out of nowhere you will ask something random like "what would happen if I turned into a dog" or "what would happen if a dragon swooped down and ate the car." Those aren't actually "what would happens" from you but that is only because you ask so many in a day that I can't keep up with them.
I really love our neighborhood. It is such a safe place to walk and for you to play. The weather has been so nice that we walk the dogs quite a bit. I don't think Jadie has gone on as many walks in her whole entire life as she has in this last month. Jadie and Nicey like when you walk them because you like to run and so do they. In fact you like to run so much you usually run in front of me all the way to the bus stop. If you aren't too tired in the afternoons you'll also run home.
Sweet Pea, I love you to infinity and beyond,

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