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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dear Lucas (5 years 7 months),

It's had to believe that you are now closer to being six than you are to age five. The other night you feel asleep in our bed and when I went to pick you up I couldn't believe how heavy you were and how long your legs were. You are growing like a weed. Standing next to me the top of your head comes to my elbow and you now weigh 40 lbs (you were 36 lbs at the end of July.)
The biggest change around our house has been your Aunt Sam and Caden moving out. The first day you can home from school and they were gone you burst into tears, which is quite ironic since you and Caden ALWAYS FOUGHT! We had a fabulous time while they were here and we'll still seem them all the time. I'm still taking care of Caden while Aunt Sam works, they just won't be sleeping here at night.
This month we also got a new car. Hopefully soon you will be a big brother so we went ahead and bought a car with 4 doors and 5 seats. You were so excited when you first saw the car and started screaming, "I have my own door!!!" The first few times you rode in the car you forgot you had your own door and tried to crawl into the front of the car to get out. You've also already asked, "Hey Mom, when you die can I have your car?" For an only child you are quite worried about what your inheritance will be. If you have it your way you will remain an only child. Your only prayer request during nightly prayers lately is "Dear God, please don't give me a baby brother or sister."
Ever since you turned 5 you've gotten really picky. You might as well be a vegetarian. It is a constant battle to get you to eat meat. The other day I made a roast for dinner and made you try one bite and you started chocking and saying "This tastes like hair! Why are you feeding me hair?" So all you ate for dinner were potatoes and carrots. One night you wanted to eat raw cookie dough for dinner and when I wouldn't let you I was handed a "behavior chart." You explained that if I got two more sad faces I could not be your Mom anymore.
The weather has been so lovely lately that I hate staying in doors. I miss the time before you started school when we would spend tons of time outdoors. You had a day off from school last Friday so we packed a lunch, a blanket, and a few kites and headed to Forsyth. It was so much fun. When it is nice outside I am so tempted to let you play hooky and head to the beach but you are learning so much at school I'd hate for you to miss something. You've become quite the little reader. So I send you off to school and count down the days until St.Patrick's Day and Spring Break and head off on a new adventure.
Last weekend we went to a birthday party for your friends. When we walked up to the house there was a horse in the front yard. You didn't bat an eye as you went into the house. It was like you were used to seeing horses just hanging around in residental areas and it was no big deal. During the party you would run out and ride the horse for a few minutes then run back in the house and play then run back out and ride. I think you rode the horse three times total. You have informed me that you are now a real live cowboy.
Sweet-pea, I love you to the moon and back,

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Josie said...

Favorite parts of this post: Lucas accusing you of feeding him "hair" and Lucas handing you the behavior chart. Those 2 things made me laugh so hard!