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Friday, May 06, 2011

Dear Lucas (5 years 9 months 1 week and 2 Days),

In just a few weeks you will be finished with Kindergarten and I'm looking forward to having you home for a few months. A few weeks ago was your Spring break. Originally we had planned to do a few fun things but unfortunately your Dad and I were sick almost the whole time. However, you got to go spend the night with Grandma and Papa for the first time and you thought that was pretty neat. You are already asking when you can come back. I think it is already decided that you can go to Vacation Bible School with Grandma and stay the whole week.
Being in Kindergarten you get to go to awards day, which they didn't have last year in Pre-K. For the last two marking periods you have made perfect attendance. I love being able to get to attend school functions during the day.
Another fun activity that you are now old enough to participate in is Jump Rope for Heart. You haven't quite got the whole jumping rope thing down yet but that is okay you never gave up.
The last day of school before Spring break was pretty fun. I got to go help hide 472 Easter eggs for your class egg hunt. Well, maybe hide is the wrong word. There were so many eggs that we were just throwing them on the ground. I am pretty sure it took longer for us to put the eggs out than it did for your class to scoop them up. Each of you had to pick up 23 eggs. You got to practice your math skills while having fun with your classmates.
You got to go to another special Easter Egg hunt. Every year we get together with your old playgroup pals and have a hunt. This year was no different. The crowd was a little smaller than it usually is but it was still a lot of fun. Afterwards we spread out blanket out and had a picnic in Forsyth. I really love the weather this time of year.
We went to the Sidewalk Art Festival again this year and you really enjoyed it. We got there after the actual festival was over so we could see the art a little better. In my car I keep a "park bag" and it has a blanket to sit on, balls to play with, sidewalk chalk, and water bottles. When you noticed there were a few empty squares in between some of the artwork you asked for your chalk and started to draw. People kept walking by telling you what an awesome job you were doing. On the way back to the car you told me, "I'm the best chalk drawer in the whole world." I'm still not sure what you ended up drawing.
You have officially kicked off the swimming season. You were a little scared to go in the pool at first and you were worried that you won't remember how to swim. You slowly inched your way in and before long you were doing cannon balls off the side of the pool. It is going to be a fabulous summer.
One of your favorite things to do lately is to swing. You learned how to pump your feet and really get yourself going. Now you take every chance you can get to swing. You are always begging to go to the park or to Grandma and Papa's house. Your Dad keeps talking about making a swing for our backyard. I guess we need to make sure he gets right on that!
On Easter we got together with all of your cousins. In a few months there will be a totally different photo op. It is looking more and more like Joshua and Joseph might be moving away soon and this fall you will be getting a new cousin. Your Aunt Lisa and Uncle Ted are pregnant with their fourth child. Right now everyone is waiting to see if it will be a boy or girl. I just hope there will be lots of chances to take pictures of all 7 of you.
Sweet pea, I love you to the moon and back!

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