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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dear Lucas (6 years and 1 month),

The last month of summer flew by far too quickly. I meant to take you swimming more. I meant to take you to the beach more. We were supposed to go on so many more adventures. The summer is just never long enough. I guess our adventures don't have to end just because the summer has come to a close.

Since your birthday fell right smack in the middle of the week we scheduled your party for the following weekend. What a fun birthday weekend it was too! Our church had a "Water Day" for the kids with a giant water slide, tons of water guns, different sized swimming pools and cotton candy. You had a ball.
The following day was your birthday party. We celebrated at your Grandparents' house just like we have done for the five birthdays before this one. Hey, it works. They have a pool and your birthday is always in the middle of the high heat of the summer. You wanted a Captain America theme and that's what we did.
During the last week of summer we tried to squeeze in as much fun as possible. We went swimming with friends, we went to Ellis Square in City Market, and we read as many Harry Potter books as we possibly could for the Summer reading program at the library.
The last day before school started we helped Joshua celebrate his 1st birthday party at your Grandparents.... for a pool party. Nobody seemed to mind another chance to take a dip in the water and eat some cake. You loved getting to see your cousins Shane and Colby again. I wish you could see them more but everyone is busy. I just hope you guys grow up to be close when you are older, especially since you don't have any brothers or sisters of your own. Your Dad and I have been trying sometime to give you a sibling but it doesn't seem to be in God's plan right now. I don't want you to think you are never enough for us... because that couldn't be further from the truth. We just didn't want you to be alone when it is our time to no longer be here.
I wasn't sure how you were going to feel on the first day of school. You were a little bummed that you didn't get to be in Mrs. S's class again but you seem to have gotten an equally fabulous teacher. On the first day of school you were up and dressed before my alarm went off at 7:30AM. Your school doesn't even start until 9. You were so excited to get to school and start the day as a First Grader.
There are a few kids in your class from last year and that seemed to make you happy. When it was time to for me to go you whispered that you didn't want me to leave. We did our "kissing hands" from the book that someone recommended when you were having a rough time in Pre-K, and that seemed to help.

You rode the bus home and you were all excited about your first day and told me that you had the best day ever. Later I got an email telling me that you spent the first half of the day hiding in the corner or the room crying. The second day of school I had to wake you up and encourage you to get up. You told me you wanted to go back to Kindergarten because First grade just had to much learning. I'm sure you just need a little time to adjust and before long it will be your first day of Second grade and you'll be wishing you were back in Mrs.B's class.
Luca-Lou, I love you to infinity and beyond,

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