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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dear Lucas (9 Weeks)

You can see one of Lucas' ugly band aids on his leg. Posted by Picasa

Now my favorite day of the week is Wednesday. I just can't wait until you reach another week and I get to write you a little letter. At this point I don't know when I'll stop counting your age in weeks. For all I know I'll still be counting in weeks when you are 18 (you'll be 936 weeks then).

I don't think I'll ever get over how fast you are growing. I had to go out and buy you 3-6 month old socks because you already out grew your 0-3 month socks. The little booties in the picture used to be so big on your feet and now you fill them out. Also, your little hands are getting so big. This week I finally cut your nails because your fingers didn't look as tiny and intimidating. I did it while you were nursing so you didn't even notice.

As much as it has been a pain in the butt sometimes to nurse you it is so worth it. Now you do the cutest little thing every time you nurse. You put your little arm behind your hand and play with the hair at the back of your neck. Just thinking about it now has me tearing up a little bit. Also, sometimes if I am not paying attention to you while you nurse because I am reading or watching TV you grunt at me and wrinkle your brow until I look down at you and smile.

Sometimes you are just so happy you will start smiling in the middle of nursing and I can't get you to latch back on because you just keep smiling. It is the coolest thing. A few days ago your Dad saw you laughing and smiling at me and was feeling a little jealous, but as soon as I held you in front on him you started doing the same thing and you should have seen him light up. Your Dad might not be the most patience person when he can't get you to stop crying but he is still king of the burp. I can sit there burping you for what seems like hours with no luck and I pass you to your Dad and you are magically burping!

This week is a little sad because your cousins Kaliegh and Hunter are moving across the country and you guys might not get to grow up together. At the last family dinner Hunter was trying to help give you your pacifier and both him and Kaliegh wanted to cover you in kisses. You also have a new cousin named Ben that was born this past week. I wish he lived closer too since you are both so close in age.

I still cannot believe you are already 2 months old! While I am glad you are healthy and growing and I am looking forward to watching you reach your milestones as you grow sometimes I wish I could just stop you from growing and you could be my little baby forever. Your Grandma Andrea still calls your Dad her baby boy and I just can't believe that one day you too will be a grown man with a life of your own. I know you'll always be my baby boy but you won't need me like you do now. So I am glad I am recording these moments in your life so I can look back at them when you go out on your first date, leave for college, and get married (hopefully not all on the same day.)


Lisa said...

I love these pictures. He has always been cute, but he seems to be getting even cuter. (If that is possible) Colby loves for me to look at the blog. Then he says HI Lutas (He can't say c's for some reason) We love reading your updates.

Animals love weird things on their bodies said...

So I wanted to post AGAIN to tell you I'm not the only one who abuses my animals with weird things. This is in no relation to your AWESOME picture of Jadie. Just the most recent one of her, so that is why I added my comment here.