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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Our Wild Weekend

Lucas knows the "proper" way to cry... with his pinky up of course! Posted by Picasa

Lucas spent most of the weekend eating and sleeping. I guess he was worn out from all his crying last week. Saturday Lucas and I went to the mall to get him a few warm clothes to go to Helen, GA in a few weeks (Old Navy was having a 25% off sale) and everyone commented on "wow he is such a calm baby for being so young and his mommy looks so calm and collected as well" Boy do we have them fooled!) Then we went and helped watch the Moore clan for Ted and Lisa.

Sunday the highlight of the day was Curt going to Subway and picking up dinner while I stayed home with Lucas. (Usually I'm the one running to pick something up). Lucas' highlights involved pooping and getting a bath.

Tomorrow Lori is going to help me drop off our Explorer to get an oil and filter change. It has been acting up for a while and Curt's been driving the tracker and Lucas and I have just been staying home (especially since gas got so expensive). Hopefully that is all it will take to get his car up and running and not a more $erious problem!


Anonymous said...
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Mom to 3 boys said...

$o its to the $hop for the explorer. Well I will be praying it goes well.

Lindsay said...

I really like this picture, we don't always get to see the mommies in the pictures and it is nice to see you.