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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Day the Music Died

I didn't get to update yesterday because of "technical difficulties," thanks to our laser mouse. We thought our computer was crashing after loading antivirus software. So I thought I would try to restore it to before I had downloaded the software... only instead the mouse with a mind of its own clicked on system restore and returned it to the factory settings... OH JOY! Luckily though we didn't lose any of our pictures (I would have cried!) or our documents. I am trying to recover my iTunes songs though... I want to kick myself for always ignoring the little warning to back up my files whenever I downloaded a song!

Lucas' colic has cut down quite a bit (or maybe we just know how to deal with it now that we know what it is) I read somewhere about cutting out dairy products for a while (which is hard if you were ever around my sister Lori and I as we were growing up... lets just say my Dad went to the store every day to buy a gallon of milk). Also last night Curt's brother David and his girlfriend Ashley came over and held him. He doesn't really start crying as long as he is being held at night.

He started crying tonight but his Daddy held him and rubbed his tummy and it worked for a little bit. Then I rocked him back to sleep. I'm not looking forward to taking him to get his shots at his two week appointment. (Ashlee the girl who had her baby a few days after me called me tonight to catch up and reminded me that they are coming).

We got the Explorer fixed so I can start going out again. Tomorrow I might go shopping to get the rest of Crystal's shower gift. I am really excited about the baby shower this Sunday. I think Curt might be dreading staying with Lucas alone for that long, so I hope everything goes smoothly. I am sure he will be great though. I'm just going to have to figure out the time thing of getting ready and feeding him until right before I have to walk out the door.

Of course I'll have a few bottles of pumped milk for him, I just don't know how much... and I don't want it to waste it. I have some frozen already and once you thaw it then you have to use it and can't refreeze it. Plus I'm starting to be over the whole pumping thing. I'm seriously thinking about supplementing with formula sometimes. Although I wouldn't tell my mom the nursing Nazi that or anyone else because I haven't made up my mind. Plus I am worried that he won't take it. The week he did have formula when he was sick he didn't seem to drink it as easily as when I pumped and gave it to him that week. He hasn't ever been a spitter upper, BUT it would dribble out of his mouth like crazy (and the breast milk didn't) and the clothes he wore while drinking the formula are stained.

In other baby news it is time for me to cut Lucas' little finger nails. I have been putting it off because they are so tiny but he has started to scratch himself (he has a little cut under his left eye) and while he is nursing he grabs on to me and scratches me.

This kid has so much personality, even when he sleeps! He usually has one arm behind his head grabbed onto his hair at the back of his neck. Sometimes I "waste" some of my free time just staring at him sleeping.


Mom to 3 boys said...
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Mom to 3 boys said...
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Mom to 3 boys said...

You aren't wasting time looking at him. It may come in handy for memories in those LATER years.