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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dear Lucas (13 weeks)

My little baba bo, has it been another week already? I am always trying to find a nickname for you that sticks. I've called you everything from my little frog baby, squirrel baby, booger boo, doll baby, sTuffalufagus (because of your nose) and for some reason baba bo.

Tomorrow you will be three months old and we are celebrating by hauling you back into the pediatrician's office. (At least we'll get to find out how much you weigh instead of waiting until your 4 month well baby check-up!) I don't understand how your nose is always so congested still! It just breaks my heart when it keeps you from eating, especially since you scratch at your face like you are trying to remove your little nose. No matter how short your fingernails are you will dig them into your nose and draw blood. If I try to hold down your hands you only seem to try harder. I admire your determination though, hopefully you will find a constructive use for it as you grow up like becoming rich so you can take care of your mommy who has spent so much time gently cleaning your bloody nose so it won't get infected. (You can take care of your Daddy too but just know that he called you Mr. Pimply when you had baby acne and he is trying to give you ADD by trying to get you to watch TV already.)

Seriously though your Dad is a great Dad! He still changes your diapers and he is the one that burps you when you are so gassy at night. I laugh so hard when he sits you on his lap and makes you "drive a car." With one hand you steer and the other he has you honking. I guess it is one of those things you have to see in person. I think it upsets him though when you cry and I am not around and you don't seem to calm down for him. Secretly this makes me feel good. Your little blanket friend is still your top choice to hang out with. Usually if you are crying and you aren't hugging him if I set him down you start smiling and instantly hug him to you and start to eat him (of course that is only if your mean mommy isn't making the camera flash in your face.)

You are literally growing up right before my eyes. You now sleep on your own, laugh, "talk," roll over and now to your list of things you now do you can add "I SLEEP IN MY CRIB!" Yes, today I just decided to lay you down for a nap just to try. I was expecting you to wake right up and scream to tell me "woman you know I don't like sleeping in here!" but you kept on napping. I thought it might be an accident and I laid you down for your second nap and you kept on snoozing. I heard you wake up and start to move around and expected you to start crying but you never did. Instead I walked in to find you laughing and smiling at your mobile even though it wasn't on. As I am writing this you are sleeping in your crib for the third time in a row AND WITHOUT YOUR LITTLE BLANKET PERSON! (I confiscated him so I could wash him.)


Mom to 3 boys said...
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TednLisa said...

Oh I was wondering about the blanket person gettting a bath. Only because I have seen mutated gray stuffed things being carried around by kids. LOL. I have witnessed the driving thing with Curt and it is very cute.

Lindsay said...

Isn't it so nice that you are freeing yourself with the sleeping thing. I know you were so worried about that, you are doing so great with him and your intincts are the only advice you need.