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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lucas is 3 months old!

Lucas is 3 months old! Where did the time go? My poor baby and his stuffy nose! Today his DR said all the things I thought he would, that he is hyper sensitive to things like dust and smoke and to be very aware of them and be VERY clean and as dust free as possible and to keep putting breast milk in his nose. The breast milk in the nose thing really is amazing. It works so much faster and 100% better than any baby decongestant or saline drops it is just frustrating that there is no long term fix (especially since winter is approaching and the dryer air means a dried out stuff nose baby.) Lucas also got an RSV test just to make sure that wasn't the culprit and it was negative. His Dr assured me that he would more than likely grow out of it and to keep on doing what we are doing.

Honestly I love his Dr, you can tell he really loves kids and he never makes me feel stupid. It is just when Lucas is crying scratching at his nose and I am pumping to put a few drops of milk down his nose I feel so helpless. Then I rock my poor crying baby for a few minutes until his nose is clear and then we are golden (until the next stuffy nose that happens when he is hungry.)Other than that everything else is going great!

After his appointment we stopped by Target just to walk around and to stay out of the house. It was really nice just to be browsing even though I didn't have any money really to buy anything. I had a bottle of pumped milk that I brought with me since I didn't know how long his appointment would take so when he got hungry I just fed him walking around. After Target we stopped by the grocery store to get milk and juice (this part of the outing he slept through.) While I was standing in line this Kroger employee asks if she can take a peek at him. Not ever turning down the chance to show off Lucas I agree.

She first goes on with the standard gushing about his cuteness and asking how old he is. Now since we must be life long friends she can give me parenting advice. Seeing that he isn't covered with a blanket she proceeds to tell me that he is going to get sick and I need to bundle him up. I just politely nod my head and try not to gag at her stinky smoke breath that she is breathing on me and wait for her to go away. Lucas who is dressed in a one piece sweat suit and wearing socks is covered except for his hands and head. It is at least 60 degrees outside and I know that he is more likely to be hot than cold and any blanket that I might try to put on him he would have kicked off anyway. When I got home and picked him up out of his car seat his back was sweating and he was hot. I actually ended up taking that outfit off to put just a onsie on him. Please don't tell the Kroger Parenting Police! I guess I am lucky that in three months this is the first unsolicited parenting advice from a stranger that I've gotten. I'm sure there is so much more of it to look forward to.

Lucas is now 12 lbs 4 oz (he gained almost 2 pounds in exactly a month) which is exciting. He is actually starting to wear his 3-6 month clothes now and I am going to have to pack up his 0-3 clothes. I'm going to save them for the next baby whether it is ours or my sister Lori's or any of Curt's siblings. We haven't decided if we want anymore kids yet... If we do it won't be for a LONG time! One is plenty especially for right now, I've just learned to not say "NEVER." Curt has always said he wanted one kid and that was it. A few weeks ago, however, we were in the car and out of the blue he says "I really like the name Madison," and goes on to say he now might want to have more kids one day. For right now though we are happy and content with our little stuffy nosed crib sleeping baby.


Meals are FUN here said...

I truly am sorry about his nose and all the stuffiness. I know nothing I can say will really help. I guess I will try and listen better and not complain about my junk over here. Sorry

Stacy said...

Glad the stuffy nose thing is working--I never tried that. You must go to Dr. Ramos, too, b/c that sounds like his approach. I like the name Madison, too, smile. How neat that Curt is open to that already. It is a daunting thought when you still have a little baby, though. Jessica will be 4 in February & having #2 is daunting (but thrilling) at her age, too! You're doing so great as a Mom, Kari. Hang in there w/the stuffy noses.