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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lucas' first night sleeping in his own room

Fresh and Clean out of the bath. I just adore this picture! Posted by Picasa

Lucas is really enjoying his tummy time. He plays on the floor for about 15 minute stretches and now when he has gas pains he goes on the floor on his tummy. He is entertained and his gas just seems to disappear!

Lucas rolled over 4 times today! Each time he finds himself staring at the ceiling just seconds after drooling on the blanket he gets a little less scared. He isn't rolling over on purpose but that is okay. Maybe he can teach Jadie how to roll over. She just knows sit and stay but you have to repeat yourself over and over so it is more of a coincidence when she does it instead of following a command.

Jadie is a funny little dog and I think she feels left out now that she is the only one that has to go outside to relieve herself. She has started to poop in the bathroom in the middle of the night instead of coming into the living room and waking me up to let her out. Now only if she would use the toliet we wouldn't have a problem. Yes I am still sleeping in the living room. It is so much easier. A few times once I have gotten Lucas done for good I'll climb into bed with Curt and snuggle up but most the time when I go to do this he is spread out in the middle of the bed and I don't want to wake him up when he has to work in the morning.

I am becoming quite the expert of sleeping sitting up in a chair while nursing. I used to stay up watching old reruns on Nick at Nite or really bad informercials but now I get Lucas going and I zonk out. I am also working him towards his crib and plan on reclaiming my side of the bed soon more than just on weekends and an occasional weeknight. Tonight we moved Lucas' bassinet into his room. I thought it would be easier to get him slowly transitioned into his crib. Also, maybe since the door can be closed and it can be darker and more quiet in there he will sleep longer.

I'm ready to start sleeping back in my own bed (and Curt has been ready from the beginning)
it is just during the week I used to be so worried that Lucas would wake up Curt when he had to go to work that I can't sleep. I would lay there waiting for Lucas to make his first peep so I could scoop him up and go to the living room before he started to cry. Once he started sleeping in his bassinet I was just too tired to keep going back and forth. Now that he is only waking up usually only twice at the most I think I can handle it going back and forth when I hear him wake up on the baby monitor.


Anocsanamun said...

he's beautiful

TednLisa said...

Sounds like you have a good strategy. Maybe you can help me in the next few months when we move Colby out of the Pack and Play into the toddler bed in "their" room. Shane and Matthew were 4 to 6 months younger at this stage. I've already talked to Shane about moving back to his big bed and he says yeah. (We had already started this process until Aggie needed a bed) Back then Shane would say Mommy don't put Colby to bed in here he cries at night for you.

Lindsay said...

see it is easier than you though it would be. Yo uare like me, you like your space and snuggle time. He will be in his room sleeping through the night in no time.